DIY Printable Base 10 Blocks – Free Template Download

Place Value Strips and Base 10 Blocks Printable Template / Free Download

DIY Printable Base 10 Blocks

I printed and cut these out last night in preparation for today’s math activity. I needed a way to clearly show the tens values and how the unit values are in addition to the tens. Plus, I needed something that was easily and quickly reproducible for our Place Value Game.

DIY Printable Place Value StripsUsing our Printable Base 10 Blocks and the Printable Place Value Strips, I printed 2 sets, one for her and one for me. She would draw her numbers and I mine. I kept our printed sets separated by placing them in ziploc bags. These printed sets are quite storage friendly since they fit nicely into a hanging folder in the filing cabinet. We would get as many Base 10 “Blocks” as needed to represent our numbers. Greater than or less than symbol and Equals SignThen, using our Greater than/less than symbol or equals symbol, determine who had the largest value. That person would get a penny on her scoreboard. This is also a nice compliment to our Base 10 Blocks (work in progress) that we are making using Plaster of Paris and mini-ice cube trays.

Place Value Scoreboard - Who has More? (gets a point/penny)The scoreboard also helps with number recognition. When she was confused with a number, I had her start off counting from 1 until she got to the number that matched the place value strip in her hand. This works for us since she can count quite high from listening to various counting songs found on youtube. Same concept that we do when getting our children to learn the ABCs by having them sing the ABC song, assuming the letters they are working with are in alphabetical order.

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