DIY Magnetic Phonogram (Letters, Blend, Digraph & Word Family) Tiles

Phonogram Magnets Template – Free Download Printable

Phonics Super Small Word Guide - This is to be used as a guide, especially with the spiral bound phonics flip book to help the parent pick and choose words. Or, if the child desires, they can attempt to spell as many words as possible within a word family based on the guide.

DIY Phonogram Magnet Tiles & Ikea Magnet Board
Inspired by the post over at Mama Jenn, I decided to create my own set of phonogram tiles using the templates I created for our Speed Phonics Game. A VBA macro and only minutes later, each graphic was cropped, trimmed and shrunk to the desired size. Using Adhesive Magnet Sheets, I applied the blends, letters and word families then cut them out individually. Originally, I used a magnetic adhesive strip that comes in rolls. Do NOT use the rolled up strips of magnets. Since it comes in a roll, for the longer words, the word will have curvature. Be safe rather than sorry and go with the flat adhesive magnetic sheets and NOT the rolls.

Another idea presented by a homeschooler on a local blog is to print the phonograms and adhere to a sheet of sticky back stiffened craft felt. Then, they can be used on a felt board. To make a felt board, simply apply some craft felt to a cereal box or a large cardboard box.

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